Patriots Day Message

Patriots Day 2014 Boston Old Glory FlagPatriots Day 2014, to be held on April 21st this Spring, will be commemorating the 239th anniversary of the opening salvo of the Revolutionary war. As a state holiday observed in Massachusetts and Maine, many people will flock to the city of Boston to take part in the festivities leading up to and celebrated on this marathon Monday. Come to compete in the Boston Marathon or to cheer on those who participate. Watch a great game at Fenway Park as the Boston Red Sox host the Baltimore Orioles. Join the men and women in Wellesley as they encourage the marathon participants along the race route. With so many events going on around Boston and in this great city, you are certain to find your place for fun. Whether you’re seeking the challenge of Heart-Break hill, the enjoyment of a beautiful day at Fenway Park, or the history lessons to be learned from re-enactments by militia units or regulars of the British colonies, you will find something to do for Patriots’ Day 2014.

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